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Scroll Search Engines

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UPDATE 2018: This is not compatible with the newer versions of Firefox and will probably never be updated. It had a good 10 year run :)

This was my first extension and is probably my most popular one. It was done as a request for someone on the Mozillazine forums. The extension allows you to change the selected search engine in the search bar by scrolling the mouse. This saves you from having to click the menu, and then click the engine you want to use. It works both when you're hovering over the search bar, or when you've selected a word and right clicked to search the web for it, then you can scroll when you're hovering over the "Search google for..." menuitem. You can optionally scroll in a loop although this is not the default behavior. Set it by going to the add-ons window and pressing the options button. As of version 1.0.1 you can also change search engines by using the keyboard shortcut ctrl+k to go forward in the list and ctrl+shift+k to go backwards. The ctrl+k shortcut is the same as the shortcut used to give the search window focus.

Official Scroll Search Engines page | Download latest version | Version History | Source code

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