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Redirector is a browser add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Edge and Opera. The add-on lets you create redirects for specific webpages, e.g. always redirect http://bing.com to http://google.com. It was originally done by request for someone on the Mozillazine forums. The redirect patterns can be specified using regular expressions or simple wildcards and the resulting url can use substitutions based on captures from the original url. The add-on can for example be used to redirect a site to its https version, redirect news paper articles to their print versions, redirect pages to use specific proxy servers and more.

From its initial version in 2007 and up until 2015 it was a Firefox-only add-on. In 2015 I rewrote it from scratch and now the same source is used to build the add-on for four browsers. I wrote a blog post describing that rewrite and what was required to make it work on all the browsers. Below are links to the add-on page for each browser where you can install the add-on:

Download Redirector for:

Privacy Policy

Redirector doesn't use any analytics, it doesn't send any data out of your browser in any way, does no tracking or storing of usage data or anything like that. The only thing it stores are the redirects you create, and they are stored in your own browser. You can always look at the source code to verify exactly how the addon works, see the source at https://github.com/einaregilsson/Redirector or unzip the package you download and look at it there, the source is not minified or obfuscated in any way.

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