Einar Egilsson

Hi. I'm Einar Egilsson. I...

...am an icelandic software developer.

...moved back to Iceland in 2014, after living for 7 years in Denmark.

...am married to Karen, and we have three children, Daniel, Ellen and Baldur.

...like to build things!

...am active on all kinds of online things, like Github, Twitter, and Facebook.

...have worked at Libra, Deltek and Trustpilot, mostly doing backend development in .NET.

...can be reached through email.

...really like making card games in Javascript. So far I've made:

...recently started creating games that aren't card games, like Yahtzee, Minesweeper and Sudoku. For Sudoku I also created a sudoku javascript library and wrote a blog post about creating the game and library.

...sometimes create Visual Studio extensions that do things that I want to do:

...like .NET, and sometimes create little utilities, or write down tips and tricks related to .NET development:

...sometimes create browser extensions, mostly for Firefox but sometimes for Chrome and Opera as well. My two most popular extension allow people to:

...sometimes contribute to open source projects.

...used to use the personal journal site Oh Life, and when it shut down I created my own single-user clone of it, called MyLife.

...have played guitar since I was 11, and recently started playing the Ukulele as well. Sometimes I do some development related to that:

...have written a bunch of blog posts.

...and that's it!